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Ocoee Creamery Family

Owner operators Mack & Anna Haynes are a couple that love animals and the great outdoors. Passionate about sustainable agriculture and healthy living, they pour their heart into the farm they love. Their two young daughters Eliza and Addie have quickly taken to being the farms professional goat cuddlers.

The Team

Mack Haynes

Cheese Maker


Anna Haynes

Market Sales


Eliza June Haynes

 Research and Development 

(Currently working on "baby goat ballet" & "goat cheese jelly beans" )


Addie Jo Haynes

Chief Baby Goat Cuddler


Employee of the Month (October)

Congratulations to Inga for winning employee of the month. Inga is a lover, not a fighter. She enjoys hugs and impromptu karaoke. She does Zumba once a week. Her dream is to marry rich.

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